Friday, December 31, 2010

Lyrics: In The End

I wake up to find you in the middle of a slow rewind
and you don't know how far you've gone back but you are stuck in the wrong time.
But I will try and save you from the poison running through your mind
and when I bring you back stay with me, just breathe...know that you are alive. Alive...

But we forget ourselves again in the attempts to make amends.

Though everything seems lost and all lines are crossed
this is not what you'll choose in the end.
for when all is clear, no more pain and fear........

Don't you see your safe now, no more shadows to cover your eyes
so why do you look back from where you came in hopes to run and hide?

So we forget ourselves again in the attempts to make amends.

Though everything seems lost and all lines are crossed
this is not what you'll choose in the end.
For when all is clear, no more pain and fear
you will know who you are in the end.

Oh baby, everything that you need to be breaks away when you no longer see
that to be right here will set you free.
All you have to do is stop and breathe.
Just breathe. Breathe...

Though everything seems lost and all lines are crossed
this is not what you'll choose in the end.
For when all is clear, no more pain and fear
you will know who you are in the end (3x)

You will know. You will know.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Countdown Begins...

From the first day of winter to the last. Today begins the official countdown for the release of What To Keep & Let Go. Exciting!!

Check out the new Official Website which will be updated when the timer runs out. So don't forget to watch that clock!

Special thanks to Jeremy Hamel at Sliced Design for helping me code out this website and timer.

You Will Know - FINAL POSTER!

Today, being the the first day of winter and what I consider to be the launching pad for a heaping pile of promotional agendas, I am releasing the final poster for the What To Keep & Let Go project. The cool thing about this image is that it's the first promotional photo taken a little under two years ago up in Maine by Melissa Xenakis. When it was taken, I knew it'd be one of the final posters of the album.

This poster has the expected release date of March 20, 2011 stamped on it as well as an updated cast of musicians. Enjoy!

Monday, December 20, 2010

From Winter To Spring..New Due Date of March 20, 2011

Well ladies and gentleman, today marks the day that I was hoping to release What To Keep & Let Go. And why this day, you may ask? Well today is the first day of winter and with my record being so heavily drenched in wintry themes (did you ever notice a bicycle on the ice?), it seemed only appropriate. But unfortunately the release date gods were not on my side because I never found the cash I was praying for to make this a reality.

Nevertheless, as I'm so accustomed to adapting to my environments and situations like a sneaky little chameleon, I welcomed a new concept for such a themed release. With December 21st being an impossible release date (you'd all have to settle for unfinished pieces), I have set my sights on not the FIRST day of winter...but the last.

That is right. My new, and I must say rather REALISTIC, deadline is March 20, 2011. Not only does this still fall in the wintry realm of my themes and concepts, it also serves as a cusp to a new beginning, falling on the eve of spring, which we all know symbolizes birth, growth and some damn good maple syrup.

I'd also like to point out how very appropriate a March release date is for What To Keep & Let Go when we revisit the photograph that heavily inspired the theme of the record itself (see the original post on March 3, 2009). The photo that my dad took back in 1962 of an old Schwinn bicycle on an iced over lake has influenced this project in a great way, providing not only the title of one of the songs, Bicycle on the Ice, but also lending it's aesthetic hand to the art and vision of the album itself. The photo was taken in March of that year. And so, What To Keep & Let Go will be released 49 years later in the same month.

And so there you have it - mark your calendars for Sunday, March 20, 2011. I know music is usually released on a Tuesday but now you can drive to work on a Monday with the songs you've been waiting to hear for two years. Just don't get into a wreck from all the excitement. haha Just kidding.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Strings Attached

I am currently working on writing string arrangements for Horizons, City Lights, Circles and a few others in preparation for studio time in a couple weeks. I want to make sure I'm prepared to work with the limited time we'll have in order to get everything completed. It's a trip, I tell ya, to think about reuniting with Dave and the the gang to wrap everything up. In a way I think it's somewhat poetic and appropriate that after two years in the making, I return to Boston to see it through to completion. I am in talks with a local female singer to accompany me on If Not Now, Then When? and she is currently working on her own to fill out the song with her voice and piano melody. In coming posts, I will introduce the new addition to the talent line up.

Not much to report for now but look for lots more updates in the next couple weeks.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Return to Weston

To my delight, I will be returning to the studio in Weston, MA in a few weeks to finish everything that wasn't able to get done on What To Keep & Let Go when I moved to South Carolina back in May. It had been my hope that over the summer Dave and I would be able to accomplish a great deal to have a December release of the record, but as we all know that effort proved to be futile. Things happen for a reason, however, and I am happy to take the necessary time needed to finish it up right.

So I have planned two days at the studio with Dave to crank out some back up vocal parts, finish up recording some symphony arrangements and work on overall mixing of the songs. It is a little up-in-the-air as to exactly what days I will be there, but if all goes well, everything that needs to get done for an early 2011 release will get completed in a few weeks. In the meantime, I will be warming up my vocal chords and writing some piano parts in order to have everything ready to go for my two day production schedule.

I am excited to return for the holidays, see some friends, breathe in some cold, bitter air and finish up a long standing project.

Thanks to those of you who are still with me on this journey. Much love.