Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Monster" To Be Released as a Single On Halloween...

....with a BONUS "Monster" cover by David Ireland!

This Halloween, expect to see the official "Monster" release on my Bandcamp site for sale as its own item with cover art included, featuring a bonus track by fellow musician and friend, David Ireland of Sharon, MA. David releases his own music every Halloween and this year his CD entitled "Halloween Creatures", featured his very own take (rather scarier take :)) of my song "Monster". I asked Dave if he'd be willing to share this version with you all in the form of a bonus track of my single and he agreed!

So next weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for this release. The single will be for sale and all proceeds will go towards funding a future project.... but which oooone...oooooohh hahahhaa haha waaah haha...ha....heh.........

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Circles" Music Appears In Real Estate Video

Back in early September, the instrumental version of "Circles" featuring myself on acoustic guitar and Marcin Kuc on bass, ended up lending itself to the musical side of a real estate video created by my friend Kristen Hoffman Bryant. Kristen is setting up a website company for virtually touring real estate options for potential home owners. The idea spawned from her very own experiences in the market: "I decided to create Simply Designed when we were selling our condo and I realized how many searches for homes start online."

You can check out Kristen's, soon-to-be "facelifted" website here.

Also take a peak at her first video up on YouTube, featuring an early studio version of "Circles".

(Thanks for the plug at the end of the video, Kristen!)