Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"This Amy thing...it's not gonna get you..."

Marcin said some nice things that will always stay with me. As we started in on playing Hello, Amy, he expressed how much he didn't want the disease to take me and is staying positive that it won't. Right before these encouraging words, we were goofing around with some funny voices and monster sounds that, because of the nature of the song, could be taken the wrong way. I didn't even realize how it sounded until he pointed it out. Regardless of the silly humor we sometimes have, this topic is of course extremely sensitive to me and I was glad that it was to Marcin as well.

Posted below is a take of Hello, Amy from Sunday's practice. The idea is to record this song all live and to finalize the best version we come up with. Because the disease is so real and not at all sugar-coated, a very real approach to recording the song is needed. Whatever happens happens....whatever little inconsitencies or mistakes we make should be accepted and taken as is. This is how I see the song. Because in life, there really are no mute buttons, compression filters or autotunes. We are who we are and we must take what happens to us in stride...and make it into a beautiful melody.

Hello, Amy.


  1. Marcin isn't the only person who doesn't want this disease to take you. The world would miss out on a truly talented and wonderful person if you were gone. It's obvious by talking to you and seeing your friends posts that you are a special person to many. Stay positive, Dunc. :)


  2. Thank you Amy :) that is so nice of you to say...