Thursday, July 8, 2010

Could it be??!!???!

Oh my god! This morning I was looking through the photos that Melissa took yesterday for the Gibson Les Paul shoot and look what I saw!!! Is that The Weston Monster?!??! Could he have somehow followed me all the way down here from MA and if so HOW? Maybe when we weren't looking he snuck into our moving truck or stowed away in our two crammed cars in between trips from the apartment to the parking lot??...I DID take one final trip to Weston the week before we moved...maybe he jumped into the car when I was saying goodbye to Dave but then if so wouldn't Dave had seen him do it? Wouldn't I have heard him breathing in the back seat or laughing a mischievous little chuckle under my piles of clothes? Either way, this is indeed bizarre. Will I have to rename him The Carolina Monster??

Stay tuned for more on this crazy occurrence. What IS this creature up to....