Sunday, April 17, 2011

What's On The Horizon

Well it's been a while since I have updated the blog! For that, I apologize. I have been quite preoccupied with getting my life in order, which has consisted mainly of my health, mental well being and financial stability. Oh, and of course music :)

I have been doing a lot to try and get my album out there as much as possible. I played an open mic last week at The White Mule in Columbia and plan on playing every Wednesday just to get the exposure. It's a great little, underground venue with a tight sound system and lots of open and exciting people. As some of you know, If Not Now Then When was on the radio a few weeks ago and there is a chance that Horizons will be airing soon too. I have been someone of a pest, bugging the guys over at WXRY to play some more of my songs and make a mention of the website. haha Ask and you shall receive yes? Hope so!

One of the biggest things coming is I am opening up for local, and very well known, artist Danielle Howle down in Lexington next Saturday. I get a half hour set and I hope to attract some more fans that way. Her music seems very folksy in origin and I am very excited to lead into her performance. It should be a fun time!

As far as album sales, things have kinda taken a dive since the first couple of weeks but I hope to get that momentum going again. I have passed out countless little decals to people all over Columbia and I hope it gets a buzz going. With the radio presence and some of these shows, I can't imagine that it wouldn't help a little.

As far as the physical CD's, I have yet to raise enough money to get them actually pressed. I appreciate the patience of all the people who pre-ordered, and those simply waiting for the hard-copy edition, but I promise you will have them in the near future.

Until then, please keep passing around the music and I hope you have been enjoying it!

Thanks a million. Love you all


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