Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Electric Candle burned bright!

Finally, we got the take of Electric Candle we were looking for! Last night as I drove to the studio I had a lot of confidence that I'd nail the song that has been the hardest for me to get right. So upon entering the recording area I thought that maybe we could try a few new things. First off, I thought maybe standing up and playing/singing would be better for my breathing as I think my diaphragm was too compacted while sitting in the chair. So we gave that a go and it did seem like my singing was right on! The only thing that didn't work at that point was my guitar. For some reason when I stand and play I have a hard time keeping a more uniform strumming pattern going. So about after four or so takes (all of which were pretty good), we decided to revisit the sitting down method of recording. To my surprise my vocals were still good and guitar playing definitely stronger! I am happy to say that after about three more takes, we got the one we wanted. :)

Posting photos and video soon.

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