Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The City Lights Shimmer!

Last night Dave and I looked over our list of "to-dos" and decided that a lot of it took much more mental power than either of us possessed in those late hours. Dave is battling a heavy cold and so we kinda took it easy. He did however have enough creative power to come up with a great idea. Basically we're at a stage where I have been doubling up my acoustic guitar parts to make the songs more full. Turns out we did it for Horizons way back already but still had to do it with City Lights. So last night we attacked that song with a different approach. Instead of just by using my acoustic Breedlove again to double the tracks, Dave pulled out one of his electric guitars and we miked that guitar without plugging it in. Miking just the strings created a nice "shimmering" effect to the song while filling it up just enough. It sounds great.

I am always impressed with Dave's ideas!


  1. I've been listening to the tracks on ReverbNation for the past hour. Great great work! Just wanted to let you know you have (at least) one fan in Minneapolis!


  2. Wow man thank you so much! I'm glad you like the music. Can I ask how exactly you heard of me all the way out there in Minneapolis? :) haha very cool. feel free to spread around the website to your friends and family! I appreciate your interest!

    Peace man