Monday, October 25, 2010

Is There Anybody Out There?

Pink Floyd would like to know if you're still following the progress of What To Keep & Let Go. haha How COULD you really when there hasn't been much to update!

My bad..

So sorry for all the lack of updates and things....The only piece of news I have to share is that I was able to get all the songs from Dave and have been listening to them a lot to really figure out what to do with each. To the best of my knowledge, Dave has been working on the list I gave him and this week is supposed to be a pretty big production week. All I can say is from hearing the record from start to finish is that I am pretty excited :) I think my favorites are going to end up being City Lights, In The End and Electric Candle. I am looking forward to hearing the finals!!

More to come soon...I am hoping I don't have to report any news of a possible delay in the project.....:/

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