Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dave Eastman on In The End

Dave had some things to say about In The End that will be featured on the album. Here are his thoughts on the direction of the song:

"When I first heard this song, and still now, I picture a rocker that starts out with just vocals, guitar, strings, piano, maybe some other element. I hear the drums coming in strong with a toms driven beat around the chorus or the lines 'but when you throw a line.' Thats been my reaction everytime i've listened to this song and seems to fit when you want a gentler feel in the beginning and have it build somewhere- then again maybe what I'm hearing is a bit too heavy. Overall, I think this song has a great dark rock vibe to it."

Dave also had a chance to listen to the live version played on Jan. 25th in Weston. (You can find this on the January, 26 post.

"Its sounding thing I noticed was that all of the instruments jump in at the beginning- some more space could be taken for instrumental development."

Definitely a good thoought. I agree that there could be more building and maybe with Marcin's piano/strings part along with the acoustics to carry us into it. Can't wait to see how it comes out!

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