Friday, January 16, 2009

Tentative Musicians

Brendon Thomas of FOREVERINMOTION played guitar on Ask You back in 2007 at my mom's 10 year memorial fundraising event. I was so moved by his contribution to the song that I invited him to play on the album when the time came to record it and he agreed to do it. I threw him on The Musicians section on the side bar but I realize he is super busy with his own project coming out in March so his involvement is yet to be determined. If you're reading, Brendon, let me know if you're still interested because it'd be great to have ya on.

Adrian Newkirk is a good friend of mine who lives in Walpole, NH. I have him slated to play on Electric Candle as we had a great jam on it a couple months back and I loved what he came up with. He too is a tentative musician on the album as I don't know how easy it will be to get him down to Weston, MA. He frequents his hometown of Providence, RI every once in a while so perhaps on his way down sometime.....Adrian, you been practicing?? haha

As far as I know the other musicians are on board and ready to work! So exciting..


  1. I'd would love to come by and visit and lay down a track. We want to see your neighborhood too - check out Boston. This blog is a great project. I'll check in as you post. Later - A

  2. Adrian! Awesome! I will put you on under Musicians! It'd be great to have you down to hang out.