Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Regarding Recording and Blog Updates

Hi all! Tonight we usually hit the studio but since we have a show coming up on July 4th we will be practicing in Cullen's attic today. Usually we'd resume tomorrow but Dave Eastman will be out of town for a week so it's looking like we will be back in the studio next Tuesday. Hopefully we will be able to get Circles or Do What You Can recorded but that will depend on if Marcin and I can get some practice time in before then. Next Wednesday Dave is unable to record as well.

No worries though! Things are looking great and it seems as if a September release will be quite possible. We will just bust our butts in July and August!

Thanks for being patient! More photo and video updates on the way as well a heavy flow of album promotional material including posters, album art, website etc. etc.

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