Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Where are we going?"

Well that's what I've gotta figure out. Last night I spoke with Dave about the remaining tasks for the album. We decided it'd be best for me to write out a list of what needs to happen next and what gaps we need to fill in for both the songs we have started and the ones we haven't.

So! In the next few days I'm going to be reworking a recording schedule for all of us, making sure we get in some decent practice time for me and Marcin to work through the last three songs he needs to learn/review. Cullen has a few drum parts he needs to work on and Chad is well on his way to finishing up his role on the album. One of the final recording sessions will involve all four of us at the same time recording a live take of Hello, Amy. This is going to be exciting.

I will post the list of "to-do's" as well as a new schedule soon. (I am also planning on revealing the past few months schedule so you can see how far off we are. haha Kinda humorous.)

Keep back for updates!

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