Monday, June 22, 2009

Treat Your Choices Right

It's a funny thing, choice. You can wake up one morning and choose to wear a certain colored shirt or choose what you will bring for lunch to work but at the end of the day you slip into something more comfortable and are sitting down for dinner. Some things go by so fast that you don't even have time to recognize that they actually happened. We forget so many things yet we cherish and hold onto others. What we keep with us is what matters and what we let go holds an even greater significance. What we lose is what defines us. It leaves a space for something better for ourselves.

Treat your choices right. Often times you hear someone say that you better be careful of the choices that you make. Is that some sort of warning? Consider for a second what it means to choose something. It's a transitional period really. Even if it's as simple as picking out a shirt in the morning, you're making a statement for your identity and how you will be perceived by the world that day. You transition from one physical appearance to another. Now of course life is not about appearances. It's about what is inside you and what you become. The person you were yesterday is not the person you are today. We're constantly changing. And how? By the choices we make. Who we choose to become in order to live life how we see it. But really...why be so damn cautious of the choices we make? I say, make them and then honor them with the respect they deserve. Treat them right because they are in fact going to carry you from one place to another; they become your transitions. If you feel like you have made a bad choice, simply step back and witness what is happening to you and your surroundings as a result of it. There really isn't anything tragic about it. Change is beautiful regardless of how good or bad it is. Years down the road you're more apt to realize your transition from one point in your life to another and how beneficial it was to who you became rather than the pain or the joy you felt during it.

Make choices, breath, and enjoy the ride. I'm certainly doing just that..

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