Tuesday, August 25, 2009

December '09 release?

I know I said we were going to shoot for a fall release but I think December could be very appropriate as well...to come full circle from when we started a year ago in '08. The album art is, after all, a winter depiction.

So where does that leave us? Well below I have compiled a list of the tracks from the album along with what is completed or left to be worked on.

Horizons - Everything is done except for my vocals, back up vocals and additional mixing.

Passing Into August - Marcin and I have recorded our parts but Cullen needs to write some drum arrangements for this and lay them down. Then we need to follow the demo we created at Marcin's and put in the driving piano parts required as well as all the other bells and whistles.

Stand - Vocals are needed as well as drum parts. Chad completed his lead guitar sections recently and so we'll have to put this song together a little backwards. Cullen is confident he can drum over what we have already done.

City Lights - All complete except for my vocals, back ups and additional mixing.

Bicycle on the Ice - Completed. May be adding in some back up vocals.

Circles - Acoustic guitar and bass is done and Cullen needs to solidify his percussion parts though he has a good idea where he's going with it. I need to compose symphony sections that are in my head and work with Dave on making this song the biggest on the album. I'm currently training my vocals for this song.

Electric Candle - Completed except for some ambient sounds and fill ins to make the song feel a little more full.

Do What You Can - Marcin and I have run through this song a few times and added a little ending part but nothing has been recorded for this yet. Soon!

Hello, Amy - This is the only full live song on the album that will require all four of us to be in the studio at the same time. I'm hoping for a weekend day session where we can do a number of takes to get the right one. This is going to be our "anything goes, in the moment" type song....hopefully with a little control and structure to make it sound great. We have enough practice with it from playing it live so there should be no problem in that department.

In The End - Complete except for vocals, back ups and some additional mixing. Perhaps some light string arrangements.

Ask You - Complete but we will adding in an alternate ending from the single you have all heard. A final verse will be added at the end as well as some atmospheric vocals in the instrumental part.

Pretty sure that is where we're at right now. I'm excited to get back on track and have this all ready for you to hear. You have been very patient and supportive and I appreciate it so much!

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