Saturday, August 1, 2009

Passing Into August

So we didn't get Passing Into August done by today (August 1st) as planned due to the craziness of life and cut down on studio time. But no worries! I have kept my promise to deliver at least SOMETHING. Here is a rough demo that Marcin and I worked through back in April and you can expect the song to be close to if not exactly like this, minus the sloppy tempo issues and rough vocals/lyrics, of course. Additionally, the piano parts will continue throughout the song and my voice won't suck. haha. I have included the lyrics underneath the link to the song. Enjoy!


If you don't want to hear how Passing Into August sounds, do not listen.

Listen to the rough demo here!

Passing Into August

I'm passing into August and you're still on my mind
but I'm having trouble seeing you through the blurriness of time

I'm trying to be honest, tired of lying to myself
You used to tell me everything. Now there's no one here to help.

Oh, I'm left all alone, open for interpretation and I fear that I won't mean the same again.


and if you had the chance to rearrange the days
would you exchange tomorrow for today to stay here with me?

I'm passing into August, somehow it's easy to forget
all the tiny inconsistencies and all the pictures in my head

we're together one last time
so let's cancel all our plans and improvise

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