Friday, August 7, 2009

Rethinking "Hello, Amy" Ending

As some of you know, I was given a 2nd outlook on life back in June when I learned that the Diflunisal medication that has been used as part of a trial in the possible cure for my disease Amyloidosis shows signs of actually working. It's an incredible feeling of hope to think that I, as well as my sister and many others could live a much long life now...

So with this new realization comes a possible new direction for my song Hello, Amy which basically talks of my discovery of the disease inside of me, my fight against it and ultimately my acceptance that it's with me forever and I cannot get rid of it.

But now things have changed.

Melissa and I were discussing the song yesterday and she came up with a great idea. She suggests that I throw in a 4th and final verse that will address my change of heart, a more positive spin on an otherwise dismal future and a "giving in" sort of attitude. Since things are looking good in this department, why not end the song on a better, more positive note?

And that is just what I'm going to do :)

Here is the new and final lyric added to the song. I am thinking that the structure will remain the same with perhaps some change in intensity here and there but after the song rings out a bit, I'm thinking a pretty and simple piano melody will come back in after a brief silence with the new verse sung over it.

Goodbye, Amy
I've had some time to think this through
I don't know what I was thinking when I said that I'd love you.
Perhaps out of desperation or a fear of losing time
All I know now is I don't want you, there's no way to change my mind. Goodbye.

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