Thursday, December 3, 2009

Asking About Ask You

During our productive concept session, I reintroduced to Dave my idea for creating an alternate ending for Ask You that goes better as the conclusion to a whole body of songs. As the single released on May 26th, having just Brendon and me through-out was effective and beautiful and has served its purpose wonderfully since then, honoring my mom and raising money for Familial Amyloidosis research. However, being the last song on the record, Ask You needs to take on a more important and meaningful roll, wrapping up the 11-piece, heavily unified themed record and allowing the listener to pop that CD out of their player feeling satisfied with a somewhat "answer" to my question "What To Keep & Let Go..."

To help pull this off, I have asked the musicians of the record to return one last time to leave their final mark on the last song, chiming in at different times in the conclusive instrumental section as a way to bring the album full circle and to run through that finish line together as a whole. I have asked Cullen, Marcin and Chad to re-listen to the song and write a part that can fit into their respective cues. They have all agreed and it will be fantastic to hear everyone in the final version. I may even have newcomers Aaron Pring and whatever back-up vocalists we bring on add a little signature of their own, as well.

I, too, will be adding another little something at the end of the song that will, lyrically and conceptually, make the entire album as a whole really make sense and help to better mirror the entire theme. It should work out really nicely.

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  1. can't wait to hear the updated version! We're so bummed that we missed you at GMUHS- didn't work out for us to make it south. Hopefully next time. :)