Thursday, December 10, 2009


WOW!!! The Weston Monster has made contact!!!!......through my blog?!?!?

I was astounded to read the very first response to my post that thanked you all for following the blog and learn that it was ACTUALLY from the creature I have been spotting for the past few months!! Check out our dialogue through the comments section of that post. I can't believe's crazy!

WM: You are welcome, Dunkin MusicMan. I like to listen at night in woods outside studio. Music good!

DD : hahahah is this The Weston Monster writing in???

WM: some call me monster. Found this old laptop in woods. Still works Gud. Now I can write in blog too!

DD: Wow!! It's so great to hear from you! You know, you have caused quite a scare around the studio!! And you can TALK?!?!

WM: Yes, I can talk Gud. Can sing some songs too > > Am Gud at scaring too ArArAr!!

Either this is a trickster pretending to the be The Weston Monster or this creature we've been dealing with for a few month is actually....civil?...

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