Thursday, August 26, 2010

"...Is there a chance we'll meet again?"

On Sunday, September 5th, I will be dusting off the 'ol Breedlove and vocal chords to perform Ask You at a local Church in N. Charleston, SC. This song is actually the last one I performed live as it was the final number at the Green Mountain Festival Series show back in November. Although it isn't a religious song necessarily, it definitely has a spiritual tone as it touches upon my questions of an afterlife and whether or not there is a connection between the living and those passed on. I see Ask You as a conversation with my mom who passed away a little more than 13 years ago, offering up my open ears and hoping to gain some answers in regards to her well-being and happiness after spending many of her final years in pain and suffering. It is a song that always brings me closer to her when I listen to it or simply strum the chords in silence. Some have actually thanked me for the song as it has made them feel closer to their lost loved ones and others have found religious meaning in the words on their own, which I feel honored for.

I am hoping to get the performance recorded for the blog and for you, the reader, but I'll be just as content with sharing the song with the church audience and speaking once again to my mom from a place where she's maybe more likely to hear me.


  1. This one is my favorite, Dyl.

  2. hey thanks Kate!! I'm glad you enjoy it, practiced it last night with a guy who's doing back ups for me and it's sounds great. I hope to have to recorded for the blog. Hope you're well!