Monday, August 2, 2010

Simplify Your Fate....Stand Is Right Here!

You've been patient...very very patient :) And for that I reward you all with a song off of What To Keep & Let Go which is due out on December 21st! Stand is the first song I wrote for the record and the 2nd single released since the beginning of this whole process. Unlike Ask You which featured only one other musician, Brendon Thomas, Stand is a full band treatment that introduces the work of Marcin Kuc, Cullen Corley and Chad Macomber on this project . This particular version is lacking backup vocals by Angela Paladino but she will be featured on the final release as well as some melodies that will help to fill the song out a bit more.

So until then, please enjoy this early mix of Stand and thank you again for your patience and support!!

Click here for the official Stand page. You can also find the song on Facebook, and soon to be Myspace, Reverbnation