Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Think I'll Go To Boston....

I'm not a big fan of Augustana but this line couldn't be a better post title.

The dishwasher is humming behind me and my iItunes shuffle is honing in on some pretty sweet Frames tunes. Yeah, that's probably why I'm still up when I have to leave in 5 hours to head to the Charlotte Airport (still have to look up the address) and make my epic trip back to Boston for the weekend. Chad just called me a procrastinator a few minutes ago on text message because I said I hadn't even packed yet. And since I'm running on about 8 hours of sleep in the last two nights, I didn't even understand what he meant after only 2 minutes had passed since I told him that. haha I'm so out of it. So why not go to sleep? I dunno..nerves, (the good kind) and I just barely got home from work at 8:30. Call me crazy but it's not a night at home unless you're awake doing something packing for a trip and eating fake chicken patties.

Ah will be nice to see you again without the holiday hustle and bustle. It will be nice to come full circle with the album and leave Fat Dave's Studio with some of the best memories I've ever had. It will be nice to drink some dark beers with my good friends and to get my feet wet and cold because for some reason, this Vermonter doesn't own a pair of boots. Oh South Carolina, how you have tamed me. Speaking of, I've been told I talk a lot slower now.....

Wow, can you say tangent? haha I am just rambling here. Time for bed. See you in the morning, Boston. It will be nice.

So in about about five hours I'm blue jetting up to the snowy city of Boston to finish up What To Keep & Let Go! On Saturday, after recording is complete, I will be hanging out with my buds up in the city and having a grand old time.

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