Thursday, February 3, 2011

Broken and Bruised but Still Amused :)

I'm getting better at typing despite my little mishap in Boston this last weekend. Yes, I managed to break my finger. And how, you may ask? Well I was a playful idiot and decided to wrestle my friends in the snow (instigated by me, of course) on the way back from the bars. Apparently, the mix of frigid snow (Marcin kinda-sorta borrowed my gloves) and spirit-induced numbness, will render one oblivious to any serious blows to the body or *cracks* to the bone. After a few "is this frostbite?!" inquiries and a four hour night's sleep, I realized it was pretty badly damaged. It wasn't until I went to Doctors Care on Tuesday that I realized the ring finger on my right hand was in fact broken. Funny, the 45 degree angle of the end of my finger and the black spot on the nail didn't LOOK serious. haha

So anyway, here I am, almost a week later, with a cool little splint hugging the fracture, struggling to thoroughly scrub my hair and doing a sweet left-cross to put a contact lens in my right eye. No easy task! I'm amused and impressed by this self-sticking tape they applied to the brace. (The tech guy said this stuff costs $300 bucks a box. hmmm. Maybe I can sell the three strips he gave me to buy some groceries.)

Boston was great and well worth this fiasco. And if this adventure has taught me one important lesson: Don't Drink & the snow.

That is all. Well...until next post of course.

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