Thursday, February 10, 2011

R.I.P. Intermission

Even a name change and lyric rewrite couldn't save this song. Intermission, previously Passing Into August, has gone through the ringer a few times in order to maintain its spot on the record. Countless demos, a hook added in and a simplified conclusion aided by Marcin Kuc, weren't enough to make this tune last to the final track list. It's sad for me to abandon any song, especially a veteran like Passing Into August/Intermission (I still remember when POA was thought up back in August of 2003). However, when something doesn't fit and ultimately brings down everything around it, it's time to say goodbye. Intermission ended up feeling much more like a filler piece than it did a contribution to a whole artistic vision. It was a deep breath that kinda left you gagging, not really breathless and lyrically it never was quite strong. A good sign that a song doesn't really work is when you aren't even excited to work on it. All the other songs on the record feel very complete and special to me and I want to protect that, not tarnish it with something that is better left in the "valiant effort" folder. Thanks to Dave, Marcin and Aaron for their work on this song.

POA/Intermission, I say this to you: Thank you for carrying me through to this point and your involvement was not in vain. After all, the negative space in art is just as important. Your absence helps to make the album as strong as it can be and I appreciate the sacrifice. Much love to you and may you find your place somewhere.


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