Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kelin Welborn Joins The Behind The Music Section

I was up visiting my good friends Jason and Kelin Welborn (and their daughter Amelia) this last weekend in Portland, Maine and it was probably the most relaxed I've been in months! Getting a good chill in these bones, drinking up some good coffee talk and revisiting my childhood through Disney cartoon sketching was just what I needed away from the hecticity that has been my life lately.

Anyway, the "work" I did get done up in Maine for the album was all thanks to my favorite Portland family for they took me around to find a shooting location for What To Keep & Let Go art. It was such a blast. Being the last possible winter before its release, it was important to me to get as many visual elements as I could and what better place than this frigid state to ensure I could walk on water and be okay. So on a gloomy Saturday afternoon, the four of us headed out to find the perfect spot. I do believe we found it. Kelin, sporting a nice Nikon D5000, accompanied me to the edge of the snowy and icy surface and snapped shots as I made my way out into the center. After some wide shots of me out in the white open space, Kelin took the opportunity to take some portrait shots as well. It was a great and humbling feeling to be coming full circle on the project, topping off my 8 year concept with the final images to be used from here on out.

They came out great and I thank you, Kelin, for your dedication on this! And Jason, thanks for driving and offering up suggestions. And Amelia, your picture came out great too ;)

To check out Kelin and Jason's design, illustration and computer animation website, be sure to check out their brand new site! They're both very talented. Thanks again, guys.

Welborn Design

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