Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Beauty of Darkness

Lately, I've realized just how valuable bad things can be. It's absurd to cast aside such times and hope for only the good. They need each other to push against, to exist so the other can too. Call it the yin and yang notion to life but I refuse to see it as so black and white. It's full of mixed color and different shades of gray that can be the most beautiful thing in your life if you let it.

So the next time I am flooded in darkness, as I have been recently and sure to be again, I will keep my eyes open, squinting to seek out that tiny dot of light that is slowly finding its way back to me. It will once again surround my life and I'll take it in like an old friend, not being afraid to say goodbye when the time comes. Because I know it will return. And all the while, I'll hold onto the beauty of this process.

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