Sunday, May 29, 2011

On My Way

This weekend marks a year since I left Massachusetts and moved to South Carolina. Time moves swiftly, that's for sure. So much has happened in that time period that I cannot even begin to describe it to you. Some bad, some good...all very valuable. It's been probably the biggest transitional period of my life. Sure, I've made many moves and changed my circumstances and surroundings many times. But this experience away from my comfort zone and padded walls has really shaped me as a person. I have experienced failure to the utmost degree, knocking my "I can do anything" outlook down to a proper modest level. I have always been a humble person, I would say, but with so many nets around me I've never been as afraid of setbacks hurting me. But how can you ever grow that way?

In South Carolina, I have been forced to look deep in the mirror at all my flaws, my set backs and my insecurities; to let go a little bit of control and to say "Dylan, you can't do this alone.." It's been a very hard lesson to learn. I have a lot of people, both in my life currently and not, to thank for helping me realize so much about myself. I am forever growing and have still so much to learn. And as I still continue to struggle, both emotionally and financially, I am learning how to become a better person everyday.

"On My Way" was written and recorded just before I left Boston. It was to be included as a hidden song on What To Keep & Let Go, attached at the end of Ask You. For those who have listened all the way through the songs on my website, you've probably heard it. But there are many that haven't. So today, on the 1 year anniversary of the journey that changed everything, I release "On My Way"- probably the most honest account of myself to date.

I hope you enjoy. I love you all. And those of you who have helped me to see myself a little more, I thank you. This song is for you.

On My Way,
available as a free download and will be featured at the very end of What To Keep & Let Go, physical format coming soon.

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