Saturday, January 28, 2012


Since releasing the physical version of What To Keep & Let Go, I have had a few people say they were confused on where exactly to order it. The page I had up since March was geared more towards pre-ordering and now since that stage is over, I have created a new site that best fits the style of the album release while also making it much more clear on how to purchase your copy. As you will see from the included links at the bottom of the page, the only sites not available at this time are Itunes and Amazon but I hope to make them accessible soon. So keep checking back at his page for changes to the content. In time, I hope to include additional features such as band bios, lyrics and merchandise sales (that t-shirt you see will hopefully soon be available for purchase).


Until then please visit the site, place an order of the CD and tell your friends about the music!


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