Saturday, January 14, 2012

Order Page and Send-Out Update

I have had a few people ask where to order the CD and although I have had a pre-order page up since March, I can understand it's not incredibly obvious how to get there. So! In the next couple of days, I plan on setting up a new and updated page that directs you more easily to the place that you can put in an order for What To Keep & Let Go. I also hope to have it available on Itunes soon as well, however that will be a more digital based order. For now, the physical CD's will be mailed directly from me upon receiving orders.

And for those who have already ordered/pre-ordered, I plan on sending CD's out sometime next week. There are some final touches I must take care of before making it totally available. Expect to have the CD in your hands by 1-23-12, if not before.

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