Monday, January 9, 2012

What To Keep & Let Go Has SHIPPED!!

Wow. It really is happening.

I got the email notification tonight that What To Keep & Let Go has shipped from the manufacturing warehouse in New Jersey and I am scheduled to received the physical CD's as soon as Wednesday, January 11th! :) I am beyond excited to not only close this amazing chapter in my life, but to share with you all the final product..far beyond the digital realm. Having something tangible in your hands always further emphasizes the artistic integrity of the project as a whole, allowing for the seamless integration of audio and visual into one final product. Not only will those that pre-ordered finally get their copy, but they and everyone else who purchases has it will receive immediate and exclusive access to my next project.

Exciting things to come and I hope you continue to follow me through my musical journey.

Much love and thanks for the support. Updates on availability of the CD to come soon!

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