Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ask You Released May 26, 2009

Ask You is nearly complete, having received the beautiful guitar parts and string arrangements from Brendon Thomas yesterday and allowing us to work on the final mix tonight. There are some things I might play around with that involve extending the outro a bit with a new set of simple lyrics but other than that, the song will be ready for you all on May 26th- the 12 year anniversary of when my mom passed away from her battle with Familial Amyloidosis. I will also be releasing an acoustic version of the song May that I wrote back in 2001. Both will be featured on a dedication/memorial web page, along with some information on my mom.

Special thanks and gratitude goes out to Brendon for taking the time to beautifully fill this song out with exactly what it needed. Every time I hear it I get chills. I think you will too.

I appreciate your involvement so much, B.

Look for Ask You on Tuesday May 26th.

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