Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mixed feelings about Ask You Mix

Last night Dave and I drank tea and sat at the computer to mix together the parts that we recorded for Ask You with the guitar and strings sections that Brendon added up in Vermont. Three words- No Easy Task. haha Brendon definitely embedded an intense emotional quality to the song and resonated even through a rough mix he provided for us to listen to. At around 11 o'clock last night, Dave and I finished up what would be the final version (at least for the May 26th release) but there was something still not right in my mind. In working with the EQ on my acoustic and vocal parts, we had a tendancy to lose some of Brendon's key guitar parts and sounds; everything seemed to compete for the same space and in doing so a lot of the subtle emotions that were interweved through the song seemed to disappear. I noticed it mostly when I listened in my car on the way home and when I returned to my computer. It's good that we had the option to listen to it at a few different places. Having "mixed feelings" about this particular mix, I sent it along to Brendon to see how we did with his parts. Sure enough, he agreed that something was off. This is what he had to say:

"This mix sounds too safe. Nothing really stands out.....the emotional impact needs to be less compromised by the mix."

I really couldn't agree more and though Dave did a fantastic job with the sound quality itself, there was an emotional quality that really seemed to get lost in the polishing of this song. After a morning to think it over and discussion with both Brendon and Dave, it has been decided that Brendon will take on the mixing responsibility as it seems to make most sense to allow him to maintain what he intended for the song by giving him control of how it all comes together for the final.

Much thanks and appreciation goes to Dave for staying up so late to try and get this done for our release and another nod to Brendon for taking the tracks back to his station to give it its final treatment. You guys both rock and I couldn't do it without you. Sincerely.

On to May 26th...

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