Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the End almost to an end!!

Last night Mr. Chad Macomber entered the studio for the first time and after only a few short takes, he nailed his lead guitar part for In the End. Before that I laid down a rough vocal part for him to be able to play around in certain sections. Chad came in and confidently set up his gear, drank a beer and filled our ears with his edgy, wahwah pedal driven guitar riffs that brought the song to where it needed to be-intense and powerful. Only thing left to add to the song are the final vocals, backups and perhaps some string arrangements during the chorus and outros. In the End will definitely stand out as a departure from the rest of the album but I have looked at it more as an opportunity to foreshadow a new style of songs to come for album number 2 - a little more edgy, if that's the direction I decide to go.

Pictures and video of Chad's work in the studio on May 20th coming soon!

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