Monday, May 18, 2009

The Band

Yesterday was the first time since early April that all four of us were in the practice space in Weston. We have a spot in the Marblehead Festival of the Arts coming up on July 4th and are definitely going to be crankin' it up a notch to be ready for that and to put on as good a show as we can! We are advertising ourselves as Carnival Hero for the show and there is a good mixed bag of songs including a Bob Marley cover, a Jackson 5 classic and some songs that Chad and I have written together in the past. Chad has a song he will sing from one of his solo albums and we will be doing a 5-song block from What To Keep & Let Go as way to promote its forthcoming release. Things are sounding great and the guys and I are really excited to get up there and rock in front of the harbor. Let's hope for a beautiful day!


  1. somebody has to say it: chad should wear that shirt for all official photography moments.

  2. i like this one and the one where we are far apart. Which is your fave dunc?

  3. i agree buddy. i do like this one better for certain things like up-close-and-personal brochure photos. the far apart one would be good for a banner like poster with text (name, date, time?) i say use this one for their festival brochure needs, good sir