Monday, November 30, 2009

A Grand Reunion.

Music, art, family, friends, good food and a whole lot more!

The Green Mountain Festival Series
: A Reunion Night of Music event on November 21st was filled with joy, tears, laughter and a "renewal" in the twenty-five year long series that brings talent from all over to the small high school auditorium in Chester, VT. It brought people together that haven't seen each other in years, allowed the graduates from the school to let their fellow townsmen in on what they have been up to since snagging up their GED, and brought light back to what some said was a dimming event. There is talk that they will bring back the students next year as well and I think it's a great idea!

Here are some photos from the event. Videos from my performance will be posted soon as I received the full DVD from my cousin Liz on Saturday. I regret not having any performance photos of Ida Mae Specker and Sam Lloyd but rest assured they were both amazing!

The Acts!

Sunsets & Skylines.

Kate from Rusty Belle.

Sound checking Ask You with Brendon.

Me, Sam Lloyd and Kate during Hey Jude Finale.

Matt from Rusty Belle.

Brendon Thomas.

Me, Melissa, Leah and Maura after the show.

Hey Jude finale!

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