Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wanted: An Old Bicycle

We're approaching winter and that means iced over ponds, which in turn means more photo opportunities for album art and posters that involve a bicycle on the ice. I've got the settings all around me....now I just need the bike.

Melissa took some great photos last February up in Maine that I will be using for a poster design at some point but I'm really liking the idea of getting back out there on the ice with an old 60's Schwinn or something....maybe a little rusty and worn...just to have some more options for some art. She got a new camera for her birthday so I'm guessing she'd love to lend a hand with her new toy!

Until then, I'll be on the look out for this crucial What To Keep & Let Go prop. If you have any ideas, or know of anyone that is trying to sell one that looks similar to the bicycle you see on my blog art and buttons, please contact me! Thanks!

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