Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aaron's Entry

My recording session for Circles on the 3rd of February was overlapped with the arrival of Aaron Pring to work some more on Passing Into August and If Not Now, Then When. Seeing his headlights out the window, I knew that he'd walk in to hear me busting out the guitar part for Circles and I was curious if would like it! Coming into this project a lot later than everyone else, Aaron hasn't really had a chance to hear the album as a whole or any other songs on it for that matter. He made his initial appearance on Electric Candle as a snare drum player mid way through the song so he had his first taste of the What To Keep & Let Go meal that we've been serving up this whole year. He seemed to have liked it! Of course, naturally the next songs he would hear were the ones he'd be playing full kit to: Passing Into August and If Not Now, The When? I had sent him these songs over email and all the while I was curious if he'd have a good reaction to them and really be excited to give them his treatment. He came into the studio like a breath of fresh air, having a new born innocence to the already maturing record. I loved having him work out his parts as we played along with him; his constant reshaping of the sections and the fine tuning of his beats to get out the best possible take on these untouched songs. At the end of this practice on February 3rd, Aaron requested to play If Not Now, Then When one more time as he said he really liked it and that it "tugged at his heart strings", or something to the effect of it really hitting him emotionally. I'm happy this song has had such a impact on a guy that came into this project not knowing what it was all about :) It's an honor to touch not only the listeners of the album but the ones involved as well and I can only hope to continue to do so. Working with Aaron has been great as he has really filled in the gaps of both the first and second half of the record, providing, without initial practices, the drum parts for the last two songs needed to be worked on. And he has one helluva sense of humor too!

Thanks Aaron for all your hard work and I'm excited for your recording sessions!

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