Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photos by D.A.D.

No not my father. Dylan, Aaron and Dre! Who is Dre you ask? Well the night of our Circles guitar session and Aaron practice, a guy named Dre showed up to what he thought would be practice with Dave. It being a Wednesday, Dave had to cancel his usual band practice to make time to fit in a session for me and Dre didn't seem to get the memo. Unfortunately Dre had to drive about 40 minutes to get there only to find a practice set up with me, Dave and Aaron to work on Passing Into August and If Not Now, Then When! To his good sportsmanship, Dre took a seat and listened in on the practice. He even took a few photos by request of us all playing. It was great to have an outside ear in the studio to gauge how the songs sounded. He seemed like he enjoyed them so that's a good sign! At the end of the session I asked him his last name for photo credit purposes. He said to get it from Dave which I haven't yet done. So for now, he shall be known as simply Dre!

Below are photos of the session by D.A.D.

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