Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Practice is "Key"

So on any given day that I show up early to the studio and Dave hasn't quite gotten over there, I take it upon myself to visit his piano that sits in the corner of the back room and run my fingers over the ivories in hopes to conjure up some sort of piano melody using the basic knowledge I have of chords and what not.

Ouch that was a long sentence.

Call it killing time. But I think that overall, I'll get a better feel for playing this haunting instrument and very well start writing more songs in this manner. I plan to use piano in more songs in the future, having always been inspired by tunes that use it to drive the melody.

Hopefully I arrive early a lot more as I thoroughly enjoy learning how to play the piano while I wait for Dave's arrival. And if you're wondering if I took this photo of myself playing...yes I did. But strictly for documentation purposes!

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