Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lack of Posting!

Hi all! Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I haven't had a chance to upload some video and photos taken from my session recording Circles guitar parts and a few other random photos. So what's been happening?? Well for the past couple of weeks I have been practicing vocals in my car rides to and from work and I really have noticed an improvement. So when I'm ready (thinking March), I will go at all the songs that need vocal work and then we'll be ready to bring in some backups. Speaking of, I have contacted my old friend Angela Paladino in VT who is a singer/songwriter and she has agreed (timing permitted) to lend her voice to the back ups parts on Stand. It came down to a couple of people and Dave and I had a listen and really think her voice would fit nicely.

Tonight, if the storm that we're getting lets up, I will be heading into the studio to either try out Stand vocals or play one last practice with Aaron as Dave has suggested perhaps we get him into the studio to record his drum parts this weekend. That'd be great because then ALL of the songs (minus Hello, Amy) will have been put down. Speaking of Hello, Amy, I have called a practice with the guys for the 28th of February in hopes to get them all up to speed on the song so we can get into the studio and record it.

So things are coming along but a tad slowly right now. It's crucial we stay on track as best as possible, however, and make it to the production deadline of the end of May. I am not so sure it's realistic to think that the album will be actually manufactured and packaged up by then so there might be an adjustment in the release date...thinking perhaps July.

Thanks for your patience!

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