Friday, April 23, 2010

Angela Paladino

On Monday, April 26th we will have the pleasure of welcoming Angela Paladino to the studio as our first back up vocalist on What To Keep & Let Go. Angela, an old friend from Vermont, is a singer songwriter who came right to mind in our search for the female backups on Stand. From what I have heard of her music, her sound is organic and folksy with a voice that is warm and honest. Her style will lend itself perfectly to the earthy feel of Stand, helping to soften the overall tone and to breathe new life into the story and characters it speaks of. And the fact that both Angela and Stand have roots in Vermont makes it that much more appropriate.

Look for photo and video updates on Angela's visit to the studio next week! We're excited to welcome her onto the What To Keep & Let Go roster of talent!


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  2. I know Angela! I performed in a musical with her. She has a gorgeous voice!