Friday, April 23, 2010

Singing In The Rain

The forecast for Sunday is rain and what a better way to spend a soggy day than to sing songs in a studio in the woods! Yes, Dave returns from his Costa Rican vacation this weekend and it's our plan to get as much done on the to-do list as possible. I have been spending the week doing vocal exercises and practicing Horizons and In The End to a demo CD in the car on my drives and things are sounding pretty good. With a whole day planned for recording, I think it's more than possible to get these vocals done, as well as tackling Passing Into August, If Not Now, Then When and Hello, Amy. That's a whole lot of singing in one day but I think if I take care of my throat from now until Sunday and bring a monster pack of tea, I should be fine. It'd be very good to get all the vocals done Sunday as we can then move on to back-vocals and final string/piano arrangements for most songs. We have a small amount of bass guitar work and acoustic guitar work to be done as well on some songs. According to Dave, however, we'll be able to work a lot in the next couple of weeks.

Ready for some serious updates? I am!! Stay tuned.

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