Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chad Macomber's Album Inspired By Mysterious Poet

Chad Macomber has been mentioned many a time in this blog. Not only has he provided his talents on a handful of What To Keep & Let Go songs this past year, but he also has been a long time friend of mine and our musical collaborations go way back. A name you might NOT have heard, however, is Mr. Cam Debarcho, a mysterious poet whose work is behind the inspiration of Chad's upcoming third album, The Diary of Mr. Cam Debarcho. From what I gather, (and it's been tough to get my head around this), Chad asked for Cam's book of poems after being inspired by his work and Cam instructed him to publish his writings as well as put music to his entries, a very new and interesting approach to Chad's projects. I'm excited to see what this collaboration will bring to not only Chad's musical style but also to his voice and what he has to share with the world. No one knows very much about Cam but I have a feeling that at the end of this project, they will. His origin, story and relationship with Chad is certainly intriguing and I'm eager to see what comes from this interesting partnership. Having a long history of partnering up with Chad myself, I tip my hat to Cam (where ever you are) and congratulate him on a fine choice in a musician to bring your story and words to life. They're in good hands.

For more on Cam's Diary and Chad's upcoming album, click here.

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