Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let's Give Some Love To Myspace

With Facebook taking over our computer screens every second of every day, it's no wonder that some of us have forgotten about Myspace. Okay...for good reason. haha I myself canceled my personal Myspace page a while back due to boredom and a lack of user options and functionality but I did, however, leave up my music Myspace page in hopes to further promote the album to the folks still over on that side of the tracks. Let's face it, Myspace became the front seat contender to showcasing bands and songs; with their savvy music player that now houses 10 of your songs at once and all sorts of features for bands, it's the ultimate choice! I enjoy my music Page on Facebook but I remain loyal to my Myspace music page. I have since updated some of my stats, added a few photos (yes, I could afford to update that again) and thrown up my favorite bands as top friends! Weeee-doggie!

But there's more to do: add you! So if you haven't yet canceled your Myspace account and feel like updating the "Last login: March 5, 2008" status on your account, please head on over and add me. You won't be disappointed. Okay, you might. But later down the road I'll have all the songs up, some new photos posted, perhaps a linked blog and a nifty header of that dang bicycle we have been staring at for more than a year now. haha Stamp. Stamp.

And don't forget, I AM on Facebook too.

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