Monday, October 5, 2009

"On a Sunday I'll think it through."

Yesterday I sat down at my m-audio midi keyboard and hashed out some string arrangements for the outro section of Circles. I have always had a main melody in mind for this song and will put a lot of pressure on myself to get it exactly how I can hear it in my head. This is going to be by far the biggest song on the record, reflecting my most important themes and questions. During the climax of the song, I envision a heavy symphony section mixed in with the regular band, helping to reach the highest emotional level of all 11 songs. I'm so excited to hear this all completed.

Here is a video of me figuring out the parts in my head. I practiced hours more after this was taken and it has since been perfected...pending Dave's opinion of course.

SPOILER WARNING: This is the most important section of the album to me so if you don't want to even hear my progress in figuring it out, turn back now! :)

Thanks, Jimmy Eat World, for a very appropriate song lyric for my post title :)

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