Monday, October 5, 2009

One Big Nash Bash!

Tonight the guys and I are reuniting for a practice at Cullen's place in Weston! It's been a while but it will be good to get in a good band session and let out some of our musical frustrations!

Chad has a good chunk of new material I believe he's interested in introducing to us all which will be great! I had a chance to hear of his new songs this weekend and it's going to be a lot of fun playing full band. It's definitely in my interest, too, to get a good few runs in of Stand and Hello, Amy so Cullen will be more familiar with them for when it comes time to record. He was scheduled to head into the studio this coming Thursday (hence the reason I called the practice tonight) but Dave realized he can't do it that night and Cullen can't make it when he can. haha No worries though...we'll have a great time tonight regardless!

By the way, remember the green fish tank? It's not green anymore! I'll miss that color in the photos and video. Always added a little something ya know? ;)

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