Friday, October 9, 2009

You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings least beneath the song! Sorry, Bette.

So we needed something to kind of serve as the atmospheric glue for the song and support that idea of a wintery space in a cold and lonely attic. We attempted to do a scratchy record player sound but it turned out that high frequency pops made it sound like fire and this is in fact a song about an ELECTRIC candle...not a real one. haha So that didn't work. So the next thought was wind. And through some trial, error and a few cups of tea, we landed ourselves with a pretty neat fabricated wind effect that required some twists and turns of the knob to control the howls! I like howling so I was the on board for the task!

If you listen close....or have better headphones than a pair of earbuds, you can hear the wind blowing through the song :)

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