Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A second part to Passing Into August?

Passing Into August is probably the one song on the record that has gone through as many changes as it has....and I still don't know where it's really going.

The version that Marcin and I put together is a driving bass and piano piece that fits well right after Horizons...yet it seems to lack the emotion that I was hoping for when I first came across the concept. What we have now is a very pop-melodic style that keeps the first part of the record upbeat and fun. Marcin has helped me with accents and down times to really build the intensity in parts but today I came across an older demo that has an ending that seems very different in feeling and emotion.

I'm not sure which direction to take with it. I'm considering combining both styles but that might not work out well. Perhaps a break in the song to lead into a different sounding piece...almost like a 2nd part? The older version has a very catchy guitar riff written by Chad but I wanted to steer clear of another song that has a prominent lead guitar part. For Passing Into August I want to rely on a piano melody and driving bass line, which I think we are on our way to achieving.

We'll see how it all "passes" through the processor.

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