Monday, February 9, 2009

Everything is right here, right now...

I was talking last night to my good friend Amy, who has been a great supporter of this project from the beginning. She also has been the one behind the camera lens for most of the practice sessions which has made the visual side of this blog POSSIBLE! Anyway, we were talking about how things are coming together with these songs and how she feels fortunate to be able to witness the progression, the changes, all of it..I commented on how I was almost envious of where she's standing in all of this; I almost wish I could be the bystander to something evolving right in front of me.

And I guess I am! But the reason I say this isn't because I'm not happy to be actually in the middle of it. It's because I'm finding myself concentrating maybe a little TOO much on every little detail. In the beginning I found myself in childlike awe of the launching of these songs into full band status; how I have spent 5 or so years nursing them with an acoustic treatment and now watching them grow up right in front of me! But now I find myself being so serious about it...always thinking about everything. Nitpicking. Critiquing.

But maybe that's a good thing, who knows. I mean, there has to be some focus I imagine or else these songs could just end up becoming anything they want. But....actually, maybe that is how it should happen. Sometimes I think it's best when things just happen ya know? Fall into place. Whatever you wanna call it. Have you ever noticed when you try TOO hard at something it never tends to work out? or it's never exactly what you're thinking it will be? Sometimes letting go and allowing something to just BE and BECOME is the best thing for its evolution.

So that's what I'm learning. "cuz everything is right here...right now." It has to be. If you live but one step ahead of yourself, you'll end up not knowing where you're standing. You could miss everything.

At the end of our conversation, Amy made me realize just how fortunate I am for being in this moment. These many moments.


  1. You're right about a momentary inspiration often changing the course of a song, or a piece of artwork, or any project in general ~ as they say, if we always travel down the paths we're familiar with, we never really see anything new or different.

    It's always interesting to watch a project take on a 'life of its own'...and certainly, you can 'overthink' something until it loses its edge...sometimes it's best just to hit the 'Record' button and see what materializes ~ may even get a sudden inspiration from that Ovation while the 'good' guitar is vacationing in the shop.

  2. I agree with both your post and the previous comment. Any artistic endeavor is subject to the harshest critics inside us, and overworking is a threat in that battle. It comes with the territory.

    But you're pretty good at holding your own when it comes to that. And it sounds like you've got enough backup to help you keep it in check.

    I'm proud of you for this whole thing. And it reminds me of a certain conversation in a certain airport on the other side of the country...

    Good job man.