Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scheduling and Guitar Work

So we're definitely in the eye of the hurricane here with the album progress but we'll be reaching the 2nd half very soon...

Tonight I'm planning on meeting with Dave to set up the scheduling for the next three months but with this storm we're getting we might have to make it tomorrow instead. Once the schedule is complete, I will publish it here so anyone who is interested in what songs are currently being worked on will be able to see! It looks as if we'll be working with the more full band stuff first as it is fresh in everyone's minds..This means City Lights, Horizons and In the End will most likely be recorded first, followed by Circles and maybe Passing into August. As the album progresses, we'll be working on more of the acoustic and less involved songs I think...leaving as much room at the of the three months as possible to figure out just what we need to do with the more involved songs that will be layed down earlier. Since I'd like to have the album released on Tuesday, May 26th...we'd almost have to have all the songs finished in the beginning of May to allow for post production work. I wonder if this is possible...

Marcin and I brought our guitars in to the shop on Sunday (I'll post pictures of this event soon) and hopefully they'll be ready for recording in the next week or so.

Almost time!!

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