Friday, February 6, 2009

If we have one life, what not make it shine?

Last night seemed like the first time in a while that we worked on any of the material for the album but it went rather well! Marcin and I reviewed City Lights, Horizons and In the End as well as started on Circles, which is what I was hoping for the evening!

Marcin and I had the same idea when it came to this song...especially the very beginning with the mirroring of the riffs, if you will. Here is the video of what we came up with. A little sloppy, a little goofy but you get the idea. (oh, and I really need to work on the vocals for this song; I thought I was going to explode I was so out of breath...)


  1. isn't it great!!! i really like it now. hey, can we record this demo at your house? I wanna lay down some piano melodies as well...